Coinbase is a popular crypto exchange where you can invest in different cryptocurrencies. It’s totally free to sign up and you can earn some free crypto right away just by watching a few short videos about new types of cryptos. It’s super easy, takes no time at all, and is pretty interesting. So far I’ve earned about $150 worth !

I created a video to show how it’s done:

Some quick info:
  • Super fast and easy, each lesson took less than 5 minutes for me.
  • Interesting to learn about the new cryptocurrencies and how they’re used.
  • Some of the cryptos let you earn $10 per person you invite to take the lessons — they can be existing Coinbase users too!
  • There are advanced lessons where you can earn even more, like $14 worth!
  • You can exchange it for other crypto or cash! Free money 💰
  • Keep an eye out for new lessons.
  • Hurry! They might run out of certain rewards!
Useful links: