I mentioned a few online shopping tips in my previous article about cash back apps. Be sure to check out it out, most of the apps have cash back deals, especially Rakuten for online retail stores and Dosh for hotels. In this article are a few more tools I always use when buying online or booking travel services like rental cars, hotels, and flights.

Cashback Monitor

The first tool I use often when searching for something I need to buy online is the website: https://www.cashbackmonitor.com/. This website aggregates many cash back websites in order for you to find the best deal. Let’s say you wanted to buy something from the Kitchen Aid website, you would first search on cashback monitor for the best deal. It would give you a list like this:

So, once you are on this page you can pick which rewards are the best for you. I usually just focus on the cash back part, but it’s nice to now which credit cards to use too. You can make your purchase through the cash back site and get bonus points with the right card too, if you have it. Anyways, I usually just use Top Cashback or Rakuten because they usually have the best deals, they have deals for the most websites, and I most importantly I don’t want to have to sign up for a lot of different websites. Signing up for these two will give you a lot of coverage, but go ahead and sign up for as many you want if you really want to maximize your cash back.


TopCashback.com is probably the number one cash back website that I use for online shopping. They have tons of different offers ranging from Amazon to Expedia to Nike. You can get a few percent cashbacks on things you were gonna buy anyways, but sometimes you might get 12-15%!

The way it works is simple this:

  1. Search for the website were you were going to buy an item or book some service on TopCashback.com
  2. Click on their link for the website, this will set up their tracking and take you to the website.
  3. When you purchase something on the website it will automatically show up in you account on TopCashback! (If it doesn’t for some reason, tell their support. They are usually really good at resolving issues for me.)
  4. Get free Money! 💰

You can also get a $15 bonus for each friend you refer!

Some TopCashback earnings

Rakuten is another cash back app/website like TopCashback.com and it works pretty much exactly the same. I’ve found it to be really good for big purchases like gifts. It also has some other features like cash back dining. I take about it more in my other article here: https://www.ehachi.com/2020/02/02/top-5-cashback-apps#rakuten


Honey is an extremely useful and easy to use browser extension that saves you money with coupon codes! All you need to do to use the extension is:

  1. Install the honey browser extension
  2. Shop online at any online retailer
  3. When it’s time to checkout, click on the honey extension at the top of your browser.
  4. Let honey find try different coupon codes for you!
  5. It will automatically pick the one that saves the most money!
  6. Earn even more cash back automatically with honey gold at certain stores.
Earn points and automatically apply coupons at checkout with the Honey browser extension.

Earny is an app like Drop or Rakuten, which I’ve talked about before, but the way I mostly use it, is as a browser extension like Honey. It works like Honey and will find coupon codes for you and it will also give you a % cash back at certain stores. The thing I like about it is that it works in addition to Honey and other services like TopCashback. So, when buying something online, you could potentially:

  • Earn cash back from TopCashback or a similar website
  • Earn Honey Gold from Honey (which is basically cash back)
  • Get a coupon code from Honey for a discount
  • Earn cash back from Earny
  • Earn points with your credit card

Wow, that’s quite a lot of bonuses for just purchase!

The Earny browser extension, similar to the Honey one.

That’s about it, never shop online again without saving!

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