I’m a software engineer living in San Diego. I started using a lot of these cash back and other apps that give bonuses so I thought I would share my experiences. I’m only going to talk about the ones that are the best and the ones I actually use, and I thought it would be fun to keep track how much money I’m making for each one as the months go by too, so that’s something I might do later on. In real life, I always recommend these to my friends and family and I’m surprised that most people don’t know about any of them. And I also wanted to get those sweet, sweet referral bonuses of course.

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Justin · March 26, 2020 at 4:12 pm

Long time supporter, and thought I’d drop a comment.

Your wordpress site is very sleek – hope you don’t mind me
asking what theme you’re using? (and don’t mind if I steal
it? :P)

I just launched my site –also built in wordpress like yours– but the
theme slows (!) the site down quite a bit.

In case you have a minute, you can find it by searching for “royal cbd” on Google (would
appreciate any feedback) – it’s still in the works.

Keep up the good work– and hope you all take care of yourself during the coronavirus

    troy · March 27, 2020 at 8:50 pm

    The theme I’m using is Hestia! I went to your website and it seemed pretty fast for me and looks great, nice work. Thanks for your support!

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